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14 Things About Baking You Don’t Know

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14 Things About Baking You Don’t Know is a fascinating process that yields delicious results. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker, there’s always something new to learn. So here are 14 Things About Baking You Don’t Know Enjoy!

1. Baking is a Science

The Science of Baking Is Part Of 14 Things About Baking You Don't Know

14 Things About Baking You Don’t Know is absolutely a science as well as an art. When you add flour, sugar, eggs, oil, etc., you must do this in a sequence of steps that bring you to the same ending, something edible every time.

As a baker, we can think of ourselves as chemists and scientists. Why may you ask? We add different ingredients together in a sequence of steps to create delicious goodies. If done correctly, you can bake it repeatedly.

So, to sum this up, “baking is simply a form of chemistry that results in edible results rather than other chemical solutions or creations.” This quote was brought to you by Delighted Cooking

2. Baking is an Art

Baking Is an Art Another One Part Of 14 Things About Baking You Don't Know

Why is Baking considered an art? Think about this for a moment; if you are adding all these ingredients together and making, let’s say, a cake from scratch, then you are creating art! By the time you cook your cake frost it and decorate it, you have created a beautiful piece of edible art.πŸŽ‚

We, as bakers, can be compared to an artist who paints or artists that sculpt. A painter creates beautiful pictures for us to look at and enjoy using paintbrushes of assorted sizes and paints of assorted colors.

Sculptors create beautiful pieces of statues, bowls, animals, etc., using molding clay and a variety of tools to shape and mold their sculptures. And they use a firing process for baking clay or sculpture. We bake our goodies just like they do, except we use an oven. πŸ˜‰

3. Baking is a Trade

Baking is a Trade is another one of the  14 Things About Baking You Don't Know

If you love to bake, why not make a career out of it, and do something you enjoy? Of course, this may require a certification that you can usually obtain by doing an apprenticeship. You can get these through bakeries that offer training such as Publix, Kroger, Ingles, and technical or community college programs to help you obtain an associate degree or certificate. Usually, a college degree is not needed. πŸ‘©

Steps to becoming a baker:

  1. Obtain your apprenticeship- through bakeries such as Publix, Kroger, Ingels, and technical or community college programs.
  2. Obtain a business degree- do this only if you are interested in opening your own bakery. You can do this by taking courses in small business management through a continuing education program.
  3. Getting your Certification– certification is not usually a requirement by most employers, however, if you obtain your certification, it will put you ahead of the competition.
  4. Attain additional experience– if you want to advance your career, gain more experience. Learn different techniques and skills that will lead you to own your own business and create high-quality products that you can be proud of.

4.  Baking is an Addiction

 14 Things About Baking You Don't Know is one of My Baking Addictions

14 Things About Baking You Don’t Know is most definitely an addiction for me. I can honestly say without a doubt that “baking is my happy place.” I enjoy getting in my kitchen and baking cakes and goodies for my family for any occasion. It is a soothing therapy for me.

One of my favorite things to do is take a recipe and make it my own because it is challenging and fun! I produced a recipe years ago that I call my “goulash.” My kids love it, and it’s always a family favorite at get-togethers. πŸ˜‰

5. Baking is Therapeutic

Baking Is My Therapy being another of 14 Things About Baking You Don't Know

Yes, Baking certainly is therapeutic. If you are having a stressful day or week, measuring out ingredients and mixing them all helps relieve stress and anxiety. It makes me happy knowing that I am creating something beautiful and tasty for my family.

Creating things has been shown to make us happy if we feel out of sorts. Also, it gives us a feeling of accomplishment and triggers our senses of smell, touch, taste, and then, finally, seeing our result. So, the next time you feel anxious or stressed, try Baking. Baking will help you feel more relaxed, happier, and enthusiastic about life. Not to mention it can give you a sense of personal growth. 😁

6. Baking is Precise

 14 Things About Baking You Don't Know- Why Precision Baking Is Important

14 Things About Baking You Don’t Know may have you wondering why Baking is so precise? Because when you measure all your ingredients out and have your oven set to the correct baking temperature and time set, your Baking becomes like a science. If you follow your recipe step by step, you will produce the same results every time.

The correct amount of flour, eggs, oil, sugar, etc., is critical to the product’s taste and the proper consistency and density. When we are baking, we wear different hats. That must be why a chef’s hat is so tall because we are scientists, biologists, artists, painters, and sculptors. Dang, we are so talented! 😊

7. Baking is Forgiving

Another of my 14 Things About Baking You Don't Know is Baking is Forgiving

No, Baking is not very forgiving! Instead, you ask for a disaster if you don’t measure the ingredients and take shortcuts. Baking is a science because you are mixing exact amounts of flour, sugar, eggs, oil, etc., together, guesstimating is a big No-No. So, if you are baking cookies and trying to take shortcuts, you may wind up with cookies hard as rocks.

On the other hand, cooking is more forgiving. You can usually get away with adding whatever ingredients that you want to a recipe and make it your own. Baking, not so much. With Baking, the slightest miscalculation could mean a flat, dense cake should you forget the eggs. And the taste would be awful! 😝

8. Baking is Challenging

 14 Things About Baking You Don't Know is Baking is Challenging

Yes, Baking can be incredibly challenging. But, not to worry, practice makes perfect (well, almost perfect). We are human, and I can guarantee you that you will still make some mistakes along the way. I have been baking and cooking for 46+ years, and I still make mistakes at times. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pro or just starting; you will make mistakes. When that happens, chalk it up to experience and a lesson well learned.

Because Baking requires exact measurements and the correct baking times make it more difficult. At the same time, whatever you are cooking can usually be saved if you make a mistake by modifying your recipe. Flour is one of the ingredients that can make them dry and challenging if you add too much to your cookies. Add too much flour to your biscuits, and they will be dry and crumbly. 🀦

9.  Baking is Rewarding

Baking is Rewarding with the  14 Things About Baking You Don't Know

Oh gosh, yes! Baking can be extremely rewarding because you can create all kinds of delicious treats for your family and friends. It helps relieve stress and anxiety and gives me a sense of well-being and accomplishment. And it also lifts my mood.

Lord only knows after the pandemic we have had in the last two years; I can honestly tell you that Baking, and cooking have helped me a lot! Another wonderful thing about Baking is you can spend quality time with your kids and teach them a great lesson. Who knows, they may grow up to be famous chefs. πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

10. Baking is Delicious

 14 Things About Baking You Don't Know is Baking is Delicious

Baking cakes, cookies, pies, etc., is so delicious. Nobody can deny that! There is nothing better than a piece of cake and a good old cup of coffee, except enjoying it with family and friends. You can bake up some deliciousness that no one can resist when you have suitable recipes. β˜•

11. Baking is Beautiful

Baking is Beautiful

This beautiful cake says it all! Yes, Baking is gorgeous. Even if your cake does not look like the above picture, it is still a beautiful form of art that you created. To me, Baking is not about how beautiful the goodies turn out to be, but how much fun and thought I put into it.

Watching my family eating and enjoying what I bake is beautiful to me! 😊

12. Overmixing is Bad

Cake Sunk In The Middle

The number one mistake people make when mixing up their cake batter. Overmixing results in a dense cake. That is weak and will fall in the middle, as in the picture above. The taste of an overmixed cake is disgusting. Once you overmix, there is nothing you can do to fix it. So, guess what? That means you will have to toss the cake and start all over. Bummer!

I will use flour as an example; if you mix the flour into the butter, mix it until no more white flour is showing. Then you will know the flour is incorporated with the butter. Always follow your recipe step by step. Never skip over the numbers because you will be asking for a disaster. 😣

13. Baking is Versatile


When I think of versatility with Baking, I think of muffins. Muffins are a popular breakfast item for many people, including me. You can get them in sweet form or spicy. People can find something in a muffin to satisfy most fussy eaters.

With muffins, you can add almost any flavor you can imagine. I love maple muffins with bacon on top. When my son-in-law first introduced me to them, I thought he had lost his mind! But once I tasted that sweet and salty taste of the bacon, OMG, it was awesome! So, don’t be afraid to try assorted flavors of muffins. You may be deliciously surprised. 🀀

14. Baking is Fun

Baking is most definitely fun. I enjoy baking cookies for Thanksgiving and decorating them with my grandkids. It is so much fun to see the colors they produce and their designs on the cookies. They enjoy it too.

The holidays are my favorite time to get in the kitchen and bake cakes, cookies, pies, etc., for gift giving and for all the family get-togethers. πŸ€—

Conclusion of “14 Things About Baking You Don’t Know


I hope you have enjoyed “14 Things About Baking You May Not Have Known,” learned something you didn’t know and walked away feeling better about baking those goodies.

Remember, always follow your recipe step by step, and you should be fine. So, get out there and get your Baking on and enjoy it. I know you can do this!

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