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8 Things Bakers Should Know Before Baking

Frustrated Baker

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You don’t have to be an expert baker to bake delicious treats. In fact, baking is one of the easiest things to do. Read on to discover 8 Things Bakers Should Know Before Baking.

Baking is a term that describes many diverse types of food preparation techniques. Some people call this type of cooking baking while others call it pastry or custard making.

The word bake comes from the Old English word for bread, which was called Half or loaf. This means cooking something in a hot oven.

Are you ready for 8 Things Bakers Should Know Before Baking? Let’s do it!

1. You need a little extra dough.

Cookie Dough Part of 8 Things Bakers Should Know Before Baking

When you are baking, there are instances when you will need to use more dough than the recipe calls for. This is especially true when it comes to cookies.

If you are making chocolate chip cookies, you will need to use more dough than the recipe calls for to make all your cookies about the same size.

If you use too much dough for your mold, just use the extra dough and make a few smaller cookies or roll it out and create your own cookie-cutter shapes.

2. You will always forget something.

Woman Forgot Something On Her Shopping List another one of 8 Things Bakers Should Know Before Baking

Yes, unfortunately, you will always forget something you need for your recipe. I have been baking for many years, and I forget stuff all the time! Always make a grocery list to help you remember things.

So frustrating. Luckily, my hubby is kind enough to go to the store for me and get what I need. But the good news is you can always be getting other things ready for your baking.

You know, like measuring your ingredients, getting your pans oiled and floured, pre-heating the oven, etc.

3. You will need extra stuff.

Collection of Pans that 8 Things Bakers Should Know Before Baking Mentions

If you bake a lot of cakes like I do, especially around the holidays, you will need more than two round pans for sure. That way you can get your cakes done even faster.

I got tired of baking two layers and having to wait for the pans I was using for the next cake. Long story short, I have two of every pan I use so that I don’t run into this problem.

I also have three sets of measuring cups, three sets of measuring spoons, and several spatulas. It just makes baking easier for me.

4. Please follow the recipe step by step!

Follow the Recipe Step by Step is one of My Crucial 8 Things Bakers Should Know Before Baking

Trust me, when I tell you to do this, follow the recipe! If it tells you to mix the dry ingredients first, PLEASE do that. If it tells you to add one egg at a time and mix well before adding another egg, you’d better do it. Or I promise you terrible things will happen to your cake!

For instance, it won’t rise as it should. It will be heavy and dense, and it won’t be moist and delicious. I know this sounds crazy, but the recipe is in steps for a reason. Just do it, ok?

You will be glad you did it in the end. There’s nothing worse than spending time and energy on a cake to have it flop and you must start all over again.

Plus, it is a huge waste of supplies like flour, sugar, oil, eggs, etc. Do you get the picture?

5. Don’t open the oven door!

The Sunken Cake

Yep, you read that right. Don’t open the oven before the cake is done or it will sink in the middle. And you can’t fix that! Of course, your kids will love it because they have a nice little unexpected snack.

It’s always better to let it get done before you open the oven to avoid this mishap. Also, don’t let the kids run or stomp through the kitchen or it will make your cake sink in the middle as well.

At least that’s what my mama always told me. And mamas know best, right? 🤔

6. You will have lots of dirty dishes.

Dirty Dishes

Yes, this is sooo true. But luckily, I have a hubby that is willing to help me clean up not only the dishes, but the kitchen.

Let me tell you, I can make quite a mess when I am baking, especially cakes. Give me flour, sugar, and friend it’s on. I must spill the flour and sugar when measuring them.

My poor hubby went to the store for me (because of course I had forgotten something) and when he came back, he was like, “What in the world did you do?”

There was flour from one side of my counter to the other! 😂 I said, “Well honey you know how I am with the flour and sugar, sorry!” Oh, I also get crap on the floor too.

7. The cakes need to cool completely.

Cooling The Cakes

People, I promise you, you must let the cake cool completely before you can apply the frosting or icing. It will run off if the cake is still the least bit warm. Guess who found out the hard way. 😒 I know, live and learn I always say.

Next, I like to make a crumb coat, which is a thin layer of frosting, and then I put the cake in the fridge or freezer for about 20-30 minutes.

This keeps all those annoying crumbs out of your frosting. Then your cake will look wonderful.

8. Don’t be hard on yourself.

If You Wait For Perfect You'll Never Get Anything Done!

Don’t be hard on yourself if you mess up. It’s ok. Just learn from your mistakes and keep on baking. I have been baking for years and still make mistakes.

But guess what? The next time you will remember what you did wrong and correct it. Unfortunately, that’s how we learn to be better bakers and become better at anything we do.

We mess up, we learn, and move on. So, enjoy baking and have fun with it!

Conclusion of 8 Things Bakers Should Know Before Baking


I hope this helps you avoid some of the many mistakes I have made during my baking years. I still make mistakes from time to time, but my love for baking outweighs the mistakes I have made and will continue to make.

Like I said, just have fun with it and keep on baking.

Do you have any baking mistakes you would like to share with me? I would love to hear about them.

Thank you for supporting my small business!

Nana 🍰

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