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Elegant Thanksgiving Table Tips

Elegant Thanksgiving Table Budgeting Tips

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Elegant Thanksgiving Table Tips. I will share some budgeting tips to help you plan an elegant Thanksgiving table without breaking the bank.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I love spending time with family and friends. However, when it comes to planning out our holiday table, we often end up spending more than we planned on.

Read on to find out about my Elegant Thanksgiving Table Tips so you can have the opportunity to show your guests how thankful you truly are!

Remember, it’s never too early to start planning for your Thanksgiving table!

Step 1: The Centerpiece

The Center is Crucial for Elegant Thanksgiving Table Budgeting Tips

It’s all about the details, the centerpiece is your focal point. Here’s a cute 3D Pumpkin Wreath Form Centerpiece. It’s a DIU project that you can do with your family. Click the button below for instructions.

Step 2: The Place Settings: Simple Meets Elegant

The Place Settings: Simple Meets the Elegant Thanksgiving Table Budgeting Tips

Mix in solid placemats in fall felt cutouts such as owls, pumpkins, or a leaf and build your fall theme from there. You can then add a gold or burgundy charger to your felt cutouts. Next, place a dinner plate on each charger. You get the idea, right? For instructions click the button below.

Step 3: Silverware and Glassware

Elegant Glassware for My Elegant Thanksgiving Table Budgeting Tips

You can get Silver Plastic Flatware and Napkin Sets, 4-ct. Packs or buy the case. I have used these several times and they look realistic and very elegant. These glasses are so pretty and make any table look beautiful.

Step 4: Complete Your Table Setting

Complete Your Table Setting with My Elegant Thanksgiving Table Budgeting Tips

With an array of colorful pumpkins or gourds that you can purchase from your local grocery store. To save more money, you can get Colorful Pumpkin Slotted Tealight Candle Holders, Harvest Leaf Glass Tealight Candle Holders, and more ideas by clicking the button below.

Step 5: Other Alternatives for Elegant Thanksgiving Table Tips

Beautiful Thanksgiving Table for Elegant Thanksgiving Table Budgeting Tips

You can always hit the thrift stores as well too. There are great bargains to be found. If you are short on time as well as cash, ask your family to bring some dishes. There is no shame in doing this. Make sure you are staying on your color scheme. White dishes are an excellent choice and it’s safe.

6. Some Other Inexpensive Ideas for Elegant Thanksgiving Table Tips

Pinecones And Candle Centerpiece Excellent Choice for My Elegant Thanksgiving Table Budgeting Tips

You can use candles to help decorate your table along with the centerpiece. You can also use pinecones and spray paint them gold, white, or just leave them natural. How about some colored glass vases and putting little fall flowers in them? Whatever you decide it will be elegant and beautiful.

Conclusion of my Elegant Thanksgiving Table Tips

Family Gathering

I hope you enjoyed readingElegant Thanksgiving Table Tips and that you will save the money you need all while creating a stunning Thanksgiving table on a budget! 😉

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From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Electric Buffet Servers & Warmers Review

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Electric Buffet Servers & Warmers Review

Electric Buffet Server And Warmer

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Electric Buffet Servers & Warmers have been around since the early 1900s, but they’ve never been as popular as they are today.

Electric Buffet Servers & Warmers Review has so many options available, choosing an electric buffet server can be overwhelming. That’s why I have put together this review of some of the best models on the market.

Electric Buffet Servers & Warmers are great for buffets because they’re easy to use and clean. They also come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. We’ve reviewed several different Electric Buffet Servers & Warmers that will fit into any kitchen.

NOTE: Download your FREE recipe at the end of this post and enjoy!

1. The Oster Server & Warming Tray is One of The Best Electric Servers & Warmers

Oster Electric Buffet Servers & Warmers

The unit is 20″ by 13″surface and holds 2.5-quart trays. The trays have clear, domed lids to keep in the heat and moisture. You can use the trays or use the electric chafing dish as a standalone large heating surface.

You can use the temperature knobs to adjust the level of heat you want from low to high keeping your dishes at the ideal temperature. This product has safe-to-touch handles that allow you to keep a firm grip and helps to prevent burns.

The Oster Buffet is ideal for holidays and parties. It has 3 stainless steel trays for easy cleanup.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

2. Proctor Silex Buffet Server & Food Warmer Electric Servers & Warmers

Proctor Silex Electric Servers & Warmers

The Proctor Silex Buffet Server keeps your food warm without overheating and drying it out. Because it is designed to provide consistent, adjustable heat to keep the food warm for several hours.

The convenient lid rest holds the lids open so your guest can serve themselves without having to touch the lids.

It comes with 2 oven-safe chafing pans that allow you to serve the main dish and a large dish side by side simultaneously. If you prefer, you can serve your food right from your dishes while keeping them warm by using the warming tray.

The trays are made of stainless steel for easy cleanup in your dishwasher.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

3. Betty Crocker Buffet Server & Warming Tray Electric Servers & Warmers

Betty Crocker Electric Buffet Servers & Warmers

No article would be complete without having a Betty Crocker product. This product has 3 stainless steel serving trays that keep your food warm for up to 3 hours. This buffet comes with a power-on indicator light and timer that automatically shuts off after 3 hours.

You do not have to worry about folks getting burned on this product due to its cool-touch handles for burn-free contact. This is an awesome feature, especially with little ones around.

Betty Crocker’s Buffet Server is very adjustable and versatile. You can replace the 3 trays and use your serving platters. With cool side touch handles, you can move your food from the kitchen to the dining room without fear of being burned.

Rated 4.4/5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

4. MegaChef MC-1103 Round Triple 1.5 Quart Buffet Server

MegaChef MC-1103 Triple Electric Buffet Servers & Warmers

The MegaChef MC allows you to cook 3 different dishes at one time! The 2-quart slow cooker post has its controls for your convenience. Each control has its own warm, low, or high setting allowing you to control the heating of each dish.

For your and your guest’s convenience, each pot has its removable lid rest. It is also equipped with rubber feet to ensure your buffet server stays safely secure while you serve your guest, or they serve themselves.

All 3 ceramic pots are removable so that you may serve your guest straight from the serving ware at your table. You have a choice of a 1.5 Quart MegaChef or a 2.5 Quart.

Rated 4.7/5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

5.HomeCraft Triple Round Oval 1.5 Quart Stainless Steel Buffet Server

HomeCraft Triple Round Oval Buffet Server

This product is perfect for parties or any special occasion. HomeCraft Buffet Server allows you to cook and warm 3 different dishes at one time. The slow cooker buffet has 3 separate controls allowing you to set each station to the temperature you need: Low, High, or Warm.

Each clear lid has a spoon slot to keep your counter mess-free and each lid has its separate lid rest for easy access to your dishes. Each 1.5-quart ceramic container is removable for ease of cleaning and serving. It comes in 4 varied sizes: Stainless 1.5 Quart, Copper 1.5 Quart, Copper 2.5 Quart, and Stainless 1.5 Quart Oval.

Rated 4.6/5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

6. Electric Slow Cooker – Crock Pot Food Warmer/w Large 5.3 Quart

Electric Slow Cooker-Crock Pot Food Warmer

Do you need a serving buffet with 3 stations? Then the Electric NutriChef is the perfect addition to your cooking needs. It hosts 2 extra-large removable ceramic pots that are 2.6 quarts each. With its dual controls, you can cook 2 separate dishes at the same time. You are in control of the temperatures you need for your dishes; Low, High, and Warm.

Because the electric slow cooker crockpot is lightweight and portable, it is safe to set it on your countertops and let your guest serve.

With the removable ceramic pots that are stain-resistant, clean-up is a breeze.

Amazon’s Choice Rated 4.6/5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

7. Disposable Buffet Serving Kit

Disposable Buffet Serving Kit

If you are looking for the perfect buffet serving set that’s easy to set up with easy disposal and clean-up, this set is for you.

You have everything you need to keep your food warm and serve your guests. It comes with 3 wire chafing dish racks, 3 aluminum water pans, 6 half-size aluminum pans, 6 lids, 3 plastic tongs, 3 plastic serving forks, 3 plastic serving spoons, 6 chafing dish fuel cans that last 2.5 hours each.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Conclusion of Electric Buffet Servers and Warmers Review

There you have it, my top 6 picks for “Electric Buffet Servers and Warmers Review.” I added in the Disposable Buffet Serving Kit for those of you who find that you don’t entertain enough to warrant buying an electric buffet serving station.

But for those of you who entertain quite a bit, you would benefit from purchasing an Electric Buffet Serving Station. So, check them all out and find the one that suits your entertainment and baking needs.

**No time to bake? Let me do it for you! Visit Nana’s Bakery to place your order(s). **

Thank you for supporting my small business!


Nana’s Bakery (To Place Your Orders)

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