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10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids

Mom And Daughter Baking

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These 10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids will help you bake with your kids without getting burned out or frustrated. If you’re a parent, then you know how important it is to spend time with your children. What better way than to bake together?

When you’re making delicious goodies together, you’re spending quality time and making wonderful memories. Baking can be a fantastic way to teach your kids valuable skills for the future. Here are my 10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids. Enjoy!

1. Set Aside Some Time to Plan

Plan Ahead

If you’re planning to make cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or other baked goods, set aside some time to plan. This will ensure that you have everything you need when you start baking. You’ll also save yourself from having to run back and forth between the kitchen and the living room while your children watch TV.

2. Be a Cheerful Example

Be a Cheerful Example for Your Family part of My 10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids

You can’t expect your child to have a good attitude if you don’t. If the kitchen is not a place of joy for you, then it’s not going to be a place of joy for them either. When my two daughters were little, I made sure that we had cookies or cakes at all our family gatherings. Most of the time we had both. I wanted my girls to associate the kitchen with good things, as well as with me!

3. Be Prepared with my 10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids

Mixer And Cooking Ingredients are part of the 10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids

Have your mixer and its attachments ready to go along with your cake pans already greased and floured. If using a recipe, have it out and if you have older children, have the child read over the recipe. Let them help you gather up the ingredients, measuring spoons, and measuring cups.

4. Have Fun with the Ingredients

Baking With Mom 10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids

Have you ever noticed how baking allows us to play with food? That’s why kids love baking so much! So why not let them dive into a bag of chocolate chips and just go for it? It can be a great hands-on lesson in measurement too.

5. Get Messy

Getting Messy is Part of the fun with 10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids

 If you have a small child who won’t keep his or her hands out of the batter, it’s all the better! Your little bakers might make quite a mess, but I can guarantee you they will be having fun. And so will you! 🤣

6. Let Them Take Charge

Letting them take charge is part of the 10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids

If your child is old enough, they might enjoy overseeing certain tasks such as measuring out the ingredients, mixing up the ingredients, or instructing the smaller siblings on how to pour the ingredients into the mixing bowl. Let him/her preheat the oven.

7. Set Realistic Expectations


Don’t expect too much on first attempts: Fun and experimentation should be emphasized over perfection on first tries. Letting them do this will keep them engaged and wanting to bake with you again.

8. Choose Recipes that are Simple to Make

Simple Oatmeal Cookie Recipe is my favorite of the 10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids

In the beginning, it’s best NOT to start with a recipe that has many steps or a lot of ingredients. It’s also best to use ingredients that your kids will enjoy eating. For instance, if they love lemons, choose a lemon cookie recipe. If they love peanut butter or choose a chocolate chip cookie recipe. I have an extremely easy Oatmeal Cookie Recipe and it is delicious.

9. Be Patient When They Don’t Get It Right

Patience is my favorite of the 10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids

It’s easy to get frustrated when your child isn’t following directions or doing what he or she is supposed to do. However, patience is key when dealing with young children. They often can’t understand why something needs to be done in a certain way, so it’s up to us as parents to explain things clearly.

10. Don’t Let Them Burn Their Fingers

10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids number 1 thing Don't Let the Kids Burn Their Fingers

If you’re baking with your kids, make sure to always keep an eye on them. This means watching them closely while they’re mixing ingredients, measuring, and stirring. Also, make sure to supervise them while they’re using tools such as knives, spatulas, and whisks.

Conclusion of 10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids

Mom Teaching Child to Roll Out Dough

I hope you found “10 Tips for Baking with Your Kids” helpful and keeps you stress free. It’s okay to let your kids have some fun when you’re baking together.

In fact, it’s encouraged! You can encourage them by letting them choose what they’d like to eat, or by giving them a choice between two different recipes.

They’ll also enjoy helping you prepare food, so ask them to measure ingredients, stir batter, and even wash dishes.

I have an easy and delicious cookie recipe that you and your children will love and so will you!

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