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12 Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day

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Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts? Check out this list of 12 Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas you’ll love. They will make your sweetheart smile and your kiddos too!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your partner just how much you love them. Whether it’s a luxurious piece of jewelry or a heartfelt homemade gift, these 12 Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas will make your sweetheart smile! And your children!

1.”The Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Gift Basket”

My Valentine's Gift Basket Will Make a Lovely Valentine's Day Gifts

For a delicious homemade gift that your sweetheart will love and enjoy, “The Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Gift Basket”. Your choice of petite red velvet cake or petite chocolate cake, your choice of 6 chocolate chip cookies or 6 soft sugar cookies, and fudge. All wrapped in this cute, adorable basket that can be used over and over. Always made fresh when ordered from Nana’s Bakery.

2. Heart Shaped Red Velvet Valentine’s Day Cake

Red Velvet Valentine's Day Cake Makes an Awesome Valentine's Day Gifts

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a Heart Shaped Red Velvet Valentine’s Day Cake. Show them how much you love them with this delicious made from scratch homemade cake. Topped with homemade cream cheese frosting that is sure to please your loved one and you. Order yours today at Nana’s Bakery.

3. Personalized Photo Book

Photo Album is number three of 12 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You'll Love

For a truly personal and meaningful gift, make your loved one their own personalized photo book. Choose photos that will tell an intimate story about your relationship and add in thoughtful words of love and appreciation. You can create a stunning photo book with ease using online digital photo printing services. This romantic Valentine’s Day gift is sure to make your sweetheart smile!

4. Engraved Locket

Engraved Locket will Make an Excellent Valentine's Day Gifts

Have a meaningful message engraved on a locket to show your partner how much they mean to you. You can get creative and include inside jokes, lyrics from the song of your first date, or any other loving words that will remind them of your relationship. Choose a locket style in silver, gold, or rose gold to let your love know just how special they are this Valentine’s Day.

5. Customized Candles

Customized Candles Number Five of my 12 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You'll Love

If your partner loves candles, why not add an individualized touch by customizing one for them? You can select the scent and have messages or quotes woven into the design. Choose words that are special to you both and package with a beautiful ribbon for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

6. Crafting Kits

Crafting Gifts Number Six of the 12 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You'll Love

Surprise your beloved with a crafting kit, so you can spend quality time together and create something special. Crafting keepsakes like mugs, jewelry or coasters shows you care about your partner and that you’re willing to put in the effort for them. Spend Valentine’s Day putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, assembling one-of-a-kind moments and memories.

7. Artisanal Chocolate Box

Artisanal Chocolate Box Number Seven of the 12 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You'll Love

Looking for a classic Valentine’s Day gift that’s sure to please? Give the gift of a decadent artisanal chocolate box. Nothing says love like devouring mouth-watering truffles, creamy caramels and luscious nutty treats crafted from high quality ingredients. Find unique flavors to suit their tastes, such as milky rose latte, passion fruit coconut and honey almond champagne. Your sweetheart will be delighted!

8. A Sentimental Tumbler

Valentine's Day Tumbler Number Eight of my 12 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You'll Love

Surprise your loved one with a sentimental tumbler. Show her how much you love her with this lovely tumbler that she can have for years to come. She will think about you every time she drinks her favorite beverage out of this beautiful tumbler. No doubt this will be her favorite cup to enjoy her coffee.

9. Whiskey Ice Stones for Him

Whiskey Ice Stones Number Nine of 12 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You'll Love

Don’t know what to get your man for Valentine’s Day? Give him these unique Whiskey Ice Stones. He will think of you and smile every time he uses them in his drink. They are engraved with “I love you” on each one. A gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

10. Multi-Functional Pocketknife for Him

Multi-Functional Pocket Knife for Him is Number Ten of 12 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You'll Love

Give your sweetheart the perfect gift of a multi-functional knife. It is engraved with “I LOVE YOU” to express your love. With this handy tool it will help solve tough jobs in his life as well as remind him how much you love him.  Whether he is the adventurous type or not, this versatile tool is great for camping, fishing, hiking, home maintenance, and other outdoor or indoor usages.

11. A Necklace for the Little Princess

A Necklace for the Little Princess is Number Eleven of 12 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You'll Love

Surprise the little princess in your life with this adorable, engraved sterling silver Initial necklace. She will feel like a princess when she puts this necklace on and will cherish it for years to come. She can make it a family heirloom and pass it down to her little one and keep the tradition going.

12. For the Little Man in Your Life

Sorry Girls, Mom is My Valentine is Number Twelve of  12 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You'll Love

Ok, all you moms out there, just what your little man needs this Sorry Girls MOM Is My Valentine. Older boys can show their love for their mom by wearing this too. For the older boys, this awesome bracelet with a lovely saying on the card of how you feel about him. He will wear it proudly and think of you when he does.

Conclusion of “12 Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas, You’ll Love”


If you checked out my “12 Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas” I am positive you will find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it for you and I am confident that you found the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

From my family to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖💝

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